» I love u becoz i love u


♥ I Love u because I Love U,
I can’t give U a Reason ♥
♥ True Love can’t be
It has an eternal season ♥
♥ If U ask how much I love U,
… I might say, “i can’t
explain” ♥ ♥ Because My
feelings are So intimate,
but my words are so plain ♥
♥ If u ask me how much i
i might just say, “So much”

♥ because there are no
words in
language, that can Describe
my care as such ♥
♥ If u ask how much I miss
I might just say, “a lot” ♥
♥ because when u are
away,i feel so
i try to be okay, but i
cannot ♥ ♥ I can’t decorate
my feelings with
I Keep my feelings just pure

♥ because all i can give U is
a promise,
I’ll keep Loving u more &


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