» When Shahrukh Khan asked for an Autographfrom Amitabh Bachchan.


Yes its true, this happened when the megastar Amitabh  Bachhan recentlywas
doing a photo shoot for Filmfare along with his ‘idol’ Dilip Kumar and
superstar Shahrukh Khan to commemorate 100yrs of Indian Cinema. He was asked by his famous fan Sharukh Khan to autograph an original poster of his 1978 blockbuster ‘Don’. Big B was pleasantly surprised but did the needful.
According to source ,Big B posted on his blog”After the photo shoot with Yusuf
Saheb (Dilip Kumar), and Shah Rukh is over, Shah Rukh ask’s me to sign the original poster of Don. I think the of old (films) are becoming very rare and that he appreciates those who collect them.Posteritymust know what the past was all about. Present without a past is incomplete,” Well we Certainly Witnessed somen Beautiful Moments from that Shoot .


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