» A message by a Girl


M tumse 19th of
October,2012 ko mili on
You proposed me on the
very first day,idk
what was your intention
but I said you
“yes” by next morning,may
be hume ese
hi milna tha,This is all
decided by ALLAH G
you know.. The phase I met
you was so
miserable for me,I used to
cry at
night’s,damn alone,so
weak.. But you
finally arrived in my life,My
SoulMate & you
made me feel alive.
I know baby there is so
much ups and
downs came in our
relationship.. if it was a
ordinary relationship toh
hum kb k alg ho
chuke hote.. but our bond is
like no one can define.. hum
reh nhi skte
ek dusre s baat kiye
bina,ldenge saari saari
raaten,hurt bhi karenge
but baat karna nhi
chhorenge,couples don’t
talk to each other
for few days jb fight hoti
h,or hum ?? Hum
ek raat ache s ladkar dusre
din line p aajate
h…haha,& jb line p ane k
baad jb pyar s
tum meko pamper karte
hona baby I just
love that.. us pampering k
liye m tumse
zindgi bhar ladne k liye
ready hun
But baby tumhe pta h ek
relationship wo hoti h Jo in
ups,downs s
hokar gujre & hum humesa
gujre h we
never gave up on each
other.. & we are
strength of each other.
You came to mee
me,nobodies knows
what a quality time we have
together,& you know they
were the best
moment of my life.
Baby you know I loved it
when you used to
push me on road,I used to
yell on you for
this,but secretly I loved it a
I miss that mall incident
(haha okay
okay I won’t say much
about this as you
will get mad on me)
I miss that boil rain water
incident too
I miss our movies we saw
Dada \ rocks / hehe
You remember we used to
throw pebbles
in Chambal river & compare
karte the ki
kisne kitna door throw kia!!
Just unforgettable.. hena?
Baby I M the luckiest girl in
this world that
you came in my life. I M so
blessed..I have got a guy
like you. Wish m
tumhare muma papa ko bta
pati ki how
lucky they are To got a son
like you.
Baby you so talented,I know
you gonna be
a big man someday. I will be
so happy that
day really..
The way you love me & loved
me is
incredible, haha you always
propose me for
marriage every single night
even though
we are fighting, ( “Shadi kar
lena mujse” )
idk how much I love you. I
can’t write
it here though.. its only my
heart knows.
Today I want to say you
that yeah I Will
marry with you. Haan m
karungi tumse
shadi. :’) because I can
never find a guy
like you. You’re never
gonna be alone,
okay? You
got me..
..I love it when you sing for
remember when you sung
“Jal Pari” for
me.. I fell in love with you
when I first
hear your voice..on phone. I
love your
laugh baby,I love it when
you do dance for
me Muwwwaaaaa ! I love it
when you
encourage me for my
study,& treat me like
m your own kid! You made
me a better
parson babie,yes you did.
I can write a book on you..
but people
here gonna kill me for that !
As rarely
persons understand what is
love actually..
so please ignore all those
who gonna make
silly comments here,okay ?
Aaj tumhara birthday h,m
chahti hun aaj
tum apne Ghar jao,purani
baaten bhulkar
your parents are waiting
for you
desperately baby. They
want to see their
child. & unki khushi tumse
Happy Birthday Baby. Wish
to live with you
thousands years. I loved
yesterday,I love you still.. I
always have,I
always will…



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