» How to Recover Deleted Text SMS


Mobile phones are proving
themselves as an important
medium for communication.
No matter how far peoples live,
they can keep in touch via
mobile phones. Mobile phones
are also replacing fax
machines that is one of the
most typical communication
mediums in past. Beside this
mobile phones offer various
features like video
conferencing, voice mails, text
messaging, MMS and so on.
Now a day’s most of the
business or formal
conversation is done through
voice conferencing or text
messaging. Sometimes these
conversations carry important
data that we can’t afford to
lose. But sometimes there
comes some hard situations
when we accidentally delete
our text messages that carry
some important information.
This information may be
personal or professional in
nature. So now the point is
how to recover deleted text
SMS from mobile phones.
If you are facing the similar
situation, then don’t worry
still there is a way by which
we can recover deleted text
SMS from mobile phones, but
this mobile trick only works
when we are
using Nokia Symbian based
mobile phones (1 st Edition or
2nd edition). So, in order to
recover deleted text SMS first
we have to make sure that we
are using the correct mobile
How to recover deleted text
1) First of all, Go to this link
and Download FExplorer to
your Nokia mobile phone.
2) Launch FExplorer and
navigate to
C: / – If you are using phone
memory (default) to store your
text SMS.
D: / – if you are using external
SD card memory to store your
text SMS.
3) You will see a “system ”
folder, open it.
4) After that you will see a
“mail ” folder, open it.
Mail folder contains many
folders like
00010110_s,11000100_s etc.
You will find some text files
there like 00100110 etc, these
text files are none other than
your actual deleted text SMS
that we want to recover.
5) Now use FExplorer’s inbuilt
text viewer to view these
deleted text SMS files. If you
are looking for a particular
SMS, then you will have to
browse every folder and open
all the files inside that folder
to until you find that
particular SMS.
Above mentioned SMS recovery
trick is little bit time
consuming but efficient, as I
stated earlier that it will only
work on Nokia Symbian phones
(Edition 1 st and 2 nd), I will
soon post another tutorial to
recover deleted text SMS for
other phones like iPhone,
android and Nokia java based
Stay tuned..!!


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