» How to Keep Yourself Happy

(1) Find things that make you happy.

  • Surround yourself with the right activities and the right friends that bring opportunities for happiness into your life.

Many people always think of the negative views but never the positive views of any situation.

  • Negative people and their negative thoughts block you mentally and will only bring negativity into your life.
  • Toss their way of life aside as you would a bad piece of candy, and enmesh yourself with people who have the way to enjoy life and living and will share happiness with others.

(2) Don’t let things down.


  • If you or a loved one has a setback either in a job or in a personal situation, look for the positive effects in that situation instead of moaning about the negative effects.
  • If your lose your job, then think about the prospect of finding a better job that pays more, has shorter working hours, and can lead to a better and more enjoyable daily life.
  • With every negative, there is always a positive, and thinking about that will set you on the path in which you can make progress toward happiness.

(3) Be positive in thoughts and actions by sharing with others.


  • Instead of looking at a glass as half empty, look at it and instead imagine that it is half full.
  • When you feel down, help others who need help by volunteering.
  • Serve at a food kitchen and see what it means to not even have any food to eat.
  • Help build a house for those that have no home.
  • Teach English to some of those who don’t know the language, so that they can get a better job and easier communication.
  • There are so many ways to to help others, so find ways to benefit their lives: at the same time you will feel the joy inside of you by doing this for the betterment of others.

(4) Make short term goals in all facets of your life.


  • Instead of making huge goals for yourself, make them shorter and easier to accomplish.
  • For instance, if you want to lose weight, do not look at a huge amount of weight you may need to lose. Set your goal for losing only 10 lbs.
    • This you can accomplish more easily, but it’s much more difficult to lose 50 lbs at once.
    • Keep setting the goal for only another 10 lbs — until one day you will see the 50 lbs weight are lost.
    • Remember every 10 lbs is one clothing size less and look forward to buying new clothes after that weight loss…


(5) Think of your possibilities for achievements in education or training that are within reach instead of far down the road.


  • Find what kind of course of study you can take to begin to make progress toward your goals.
  • You now must realize that each improvement in your education is progress; so do not park on a side-track, but keep moving onward along the main track.

(6) Find motivation for your life in your emotional and spiritual life.


  • Your conscious life is but a result of your overall efforts toward helping others and leading a positive life.
  • Your subconscious life will line up with your conscious, positive thoughts and achievements as you feed you mind with the necessary ingredients for cooking-up a cornucopia of joy and thanksgiving.
  • Find new life in your spirit as you find other positive people serving God with a positive mind and an enlightened spirit.

(7) If you do that, you will be happier as you make progress. These goals can actually be achieved. Keep that thought in mind, and you will succeed.



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