»Forget Whatsapp and WeChat – Bencho App from Dilli is Here

                                                    Bencho, an app from Dilli for the inappropriate by IITians 

Bencho IntroBencho is the latest inappropriate, on-your-face, blunt brand in the market that’s out there to make the most out of India’s new found audacity in its content. While every city lad is talking about ‘All India Bakchod’ in front of his parents, not so long ago their town counterparts were dancing to the tunes of ‘Bose DK’ song from Delhi Belly. Indian society has embraced the bold new genre called inappropriate humor like nobody else. In all major cities across the country you’d see standup comedians dishing out popular north Indian abusive slangs to a bunch of youngsters who pay to watch them. This is the new India that doesn’t like mincing words, saying things the way they are. In all this rawness lie humour. Bencho app that defines itself as a feeling, rather than a cuss word, is catering this bold audience who isn’t fearful. The app offers easy-to-digest, inappropriate, sometimes scandalous humour in Delhi lingo market. The app is like living everyday from a Delhite’s point-of-view. The app creates original humour around day-to-day news, usually the ones that trend on other social platforms such as Twitter. In fact, the app is targeted at people who find Twitter too intimidating, as it collates the best of north Indian humour from Twitter and other sources, while creating its original humour in the form of Breaking News. The app kills two birds with a stone – it updates you with breaking news and more importantly, in everyday language and lingos, of course with a dose of humour. The app has taken a leaf out of rather bizarre worldwide sensation called ‘Yo’, which allows you to send a YO to your friends. Since ‘Bencho’ app is a north Indian app, it has a collection of nine beeps, aka common phrases Delhites say to each other with Bencho thrown in. The users can send these beeps as an audio to their friends. Some of the beeps can get a little embarrassing if received with your parents or boss around. But, then that’s the biggest selling point of this app – inappropriateness. In fact, in in its newer version the app has crowd-source these beeps where users can record their own beeps around Bencho, and share it with friends. User-generated content is a significant part of this application. Bencho app encourages users to create their own humour, along with a photograph and post on the common feed, visible to all. The best part it one can share explicit humour, sans obscenity, on the application anonymously. A lot of users upload content on Bencho, that’s a little inappropriate to share on more conventional social channels like Facebook and Twitter. One can call this application, an underbelly of social media. The application prompts users to share humour cards from the app with their Whatsapp groups and Twitter. The app has a rather elaborate resources to choose from, updated round-the-clock Not surprisingly, the application has managed 3000+ downloads in over a month without any direct marketing. In fact, it spread only via word-of-mouth, or rather, in this application’s case word-of-beeps. While, the application has no plans to monetise in the near future, the developers are trying to build a perfect network of news, humour, inappropriateness and north-Indian lingo thrown in before they figure out the sponsorship. Hence, the developers are working on a version that will enable users to upload their short funny videos on the app. It will look more like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all-in-one with Breaking News, Delhi humour and anonymity in equal measures. What we loved the most about the app is the original humour around the news that not only keep the users up-to-date with current affairs but also keep them entertained. Surely, this app is a loud one, much like Delhites. You can download the app on Android app store. Click here to download.



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