»Top 5 Ways To Make Beautiful Dress Out of Tshirts

How To Make Beautiful Dress Out of Men’s Tshirts or Shirts ?

Ever seen a really gorgeous dress on the runway or in those awesome fashion magazines you couldn’t afford ? Or maybe you just dream of a beautiful dress and could never find it? Here are some basic tips on how to make your own dress, as well as links to specific articles with more detailed instructions on various tips and techniques for dressmaking.

Make Beautiful Dress

How To Turn A Large Tee Shirt Into A Dress :)

Well, take a tshirt and pull it from bottom till it covers your OO. Make sure the neck of the tshirt is too big, or elastic. Otherwise you will end up with nothing but a disaster of fashion. Then you’ll have to take your arms out of the tShirt. Well this is really stupid, better idea is pull the tshirt from your legs. Instead of wearing it from the top.



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