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Katrina Kaif Apartment

Katrina's apartment

On-screen the pretty actress lives in swanky apartments and huge mansions. However, in real life Katrina has to make do with circumstances that are less favorable  Her top floor apartment had a heavy leaky roof during monsoons. Thankfully, her bedroom remained unaffected by the heavy monsoon rains.

Katrina Kaif sips on a drink at home

Katrina sips a drink at her house

Katrina Kaif poses in her house

Katrina poses in her home

There have been a few incidents of some of fans trying to force their way into her house. Due to her outdoor shooting schedules, Katrina has been unable to look for a residence elsewhere. She has been planning to shift residence for quite sometime now, but seems to have no time for a house hunt. “Katrina wants to look for a flat. She had got this flat repaired twice before” says a close friend of hers.

Katrina Kaif sitting near the couch

Katrina at the couch

Katrina Kaif currently resides in a building called Guldev Sagar. With rains affecting her living room and making the house a mess Katrina has to find a new home so


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