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Impressing a popular boy is easier than you think. However, it’s about more than just wearing the right make-up or clothes. To truly impress a popular boy, you have to know how to talk to him, how to make him notice you, and mostly importantly, how to be yourself while catching his eye. If that doesn’t work, then he’s not worth your time. Keep reading for detailed instructions after the jump.


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    Dress up for him – Makeup: Skin(on this step do not follow it step by step if you do not have all the tools or are scared you will look like a cake face. Do this step carefully and lightly, do not load on the makeup!)- 1. With a makeup sponge apply a thin amount of liquid foundation onto your face, the foundation should be the same color of your skin or close. 2. Using a large brush lightly cover your face with powder. 3. Now put concealer if needed over any remaining blemishes and under your eyes if you have bags. 4. With a big brush add a itsy bit of pink blush or face color(I love Bare Minerals Clear Radiance face color). Lips- 1.Apply a good amount of chap stick every night if you have chapped lips. Another good tip is to wet you toothbrush and brush your lips. 2. Use a light pink or red color lip stick. 3. Over top of the lip stick lightly apply a gloss to make your lips shine. 4. This step is not needed, If you like line your lips with one shade darker lip liner than the color of them after the stick and gloss. Eyes- Mascara: 1. Debating on what type of eyelashes you would like buy either long, thick , or both mascara. 2. With toilet paper or on the side of the container wipe of the excess mascara leaving enough to use on your eyelashes. 3. Apply mascara to eyelashes carefully and lightly. 4. Pick or wipe off any excess clumps of mascara on your eyelashes. Eyeliner: 1. Pull down the bottom of your eyelid 2. Apply black, white, brown, or silver eyeliner on or below your water line thick but not raccoon thick( you want to do it thick because the waterline tends to make it wash off but it is the best place) (a mix between liquid and crayon eyeliner is the best because liquid is runny and crayon hurts when you apply it and is very hard to use, you can find this type at walmart you just have to look) 3. Now apply very carefully a light line of eyeliner directly over your top eyelashes. Do not do this thick because if you do you will look like you have a black eye. Eyeshadow( This step is not necessary): 1. Using a eyeshadow brush you can do plain colors including pink, white, silver, brown, and grey (I recommend not doing black plain) lightly over your eyelid. 2. Or you can do a combination of lightest color to darkest color horizontal mixing color when you change so it combines. Good combination colors are black, white, grey brown,pink,white and purple, white, and silver OR using the face color I recommended earlier {I did this for my school dance and I swear I saw my popular boy crush looking at me} Nails: Manicures are expensive and it’s practically paying 30 bucks to get made fun of in a different language. Do your toes and nails yourself. 1. Cut your nails short unless you plan on doing french tips. 2. Paint, you can either A. Do a plain color like pink, yellow, blue, anything girly. or B. Do a pattern such as flowers are hearts. These are very hard so unless you are skilled I recommend letter A. Then again there is C. which is also hard, doing french tips when doing this be very careful first paint you finger nails with a clear coat the on the tip of the nail paint it white. Remember keep the underneath you nails clean when they are long which they need to be for french tips.

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    Clothes: Every girl loves clothes at least most. Here are some seasonal and holiday ideas. Summer- Out of school you should wear a pair of blue shorts and are fairly short and a plain tank top with sparkles or gems if you’d like to flash it up.In school wear a pair of dark blue capris and shirt with a floral pattern or cute saying or picture. Name brands are very good because it makes you look higher class like most popular people, Aeropostale has very good sales and if you can’t afford Hollister or american eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch right out of the store try goodwill or garage sales but never let him or anyone except close friends know where you got them Good colored tops for summer are light pink, yellow,and purple. Fall- Wear a pair of jeggings or capris with a semi long sleeves top that is either has a cute pattern or striped. Good colored shorts for fall are brown, orange, and red. Winter- Wear a long sleeved thick shirt with either stripes or plain colored but no tacky sweaters. You can also wear name brand long sleeve clothes or get very cute winter outfits with many layers at Rue21. Wear skinny jeans, yoga jeans, or sweatpants. Good colors for winter are dark blue, purple, white, and black. Spring- Florals are very popular in spring. Wear a floral top or cute light layered outfit. Wear capris. Good colors are light colors like pink and yellow.

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    Jewellery- Jewellery is very pretty and adds dazzle to an outfit. If your ears or anything else is pierced make sure to keep them un-infected and clean and always have a pretty stud or small hoop in the hole. Wear a either a fancy or kawaii necklace. Bracelets,anklets,and rings aren’t good for school because they can easily slip off.

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    Be yourself and do what you enjoy. If you are loud around your friends be loud around your friends. Don’t change your self for him. If he’s really worth it he will except you just the way you are. If you are tomboy be one or a girly girl be one. You can make all these tips work in some way for what ever type of girl you are.

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    Talk to him! Some girls just drool over their crushes but don’t get the nerve to say hi. He will just think you are creepy if you stare and never talk. If you have trouble talking to boys here are some tips on the right times and the right ways to talk to him: 1. Use large group activities at school to your advantage. Show off your skills on the project but dont get cocky rather it be creating an amazing poster or powerpoint or researching tons of extra work. I’m sure he’ll thank you for your extra work. Also make sure to talk to everyone in the group and let him still talk to his football friends. You can’t hog him to yourself but do try to talk to him when he’s not talking to others. Goof around with him and have fun while still getting your work done. One on one projects can be a little more nerve racking and can bring out the shyness in people. Make sure to be calm and be yourself. Get the work done while still chatting, asking questions about himself, and having fun. Don’t try to act popular if you are not. He knows you have different interests and you should not act like his popular friends. Tip… if his friends already have partners and so does yours casually ask him if he just wants to partner up {I did this with a non popular crush but I’m sure it would work for popular ones top [it was really nice and it was like a 3 week project so try to go for the longer ones] } 2. Out of school meet ups can be very good. If its at the park, community swimming pool, or any other place where hes alone or with a small group of friends wave and start up a conversation about whatever your doing for example if its summer and your at the pool ask him about his summer and tell him about yours and how you love swimming, ect.(Or something along those lines) If its at a place like a store or restaurant, where he is with his family, waving is the best option. Make sure to smile and be on your best behavior so his family thinks your a pretty young lady not a creepy stalker. Tip… If he has a little sister or brother this is good advice. Go over to him when his parents are not around and say things like oh shes/hes so cute, ect. But do not just do that make sure to hit up a small chat then say something like well my family is waiting so I’ll see you at school and always smile. 3. Ask him about his interests. If he plays football ask him about last nights game. If his interests bore you do not fret bring up sports in general if you hate football. But do not say you hate football. This will make him think you are being rude. Just say oh footballs cool but i really like ______ this could start up conversations like do you play at school or out of school, or how you got into the sport. But remember still ask about himself and his interests. Who knows you might not be popular and he be but you guys could find a similar interest in who knows what. 4. Compliment him! If he is good at something you didn’t expect like drawing or singing look at his artwork, listen to him sing or rap,ect. and compliment him saying you didn’t know he could do that. Do not get cheesy though remember hes popular and does not want a girl being the romantic one. 5. Guys love to help especially popular guys they love feeling like super man. Drop a pencil when hes around and ask if he can pick it up, “forget” a pencil or eraser and ask to borrow his. Hit up a conversation asking if he finished last nights homework and ask to check your answer with his. Or even act frustrated with a question when you guys are in a white board group he might give you the answer who better yet step by step help you {this happened to me and try to get him to give you the step by step by saying that you “think” you needed to show work} Remember do not get needy and always forget things he might get annoyed and not want to help anymore. (sitting behind your crush is the best option, because if stuff falls off the front of your desk it will fall for him. Plus teachers often pair people vertically so sit at the back of the room with him infront. You can often ask a teacher to move seats if your first in class on a day of seating arrangements. Make sure to find his pic and sit behind or next to him. Make sure to get him to notice you are behind him he may start turning around and looking/talking to you more and more everyday and will be goofy by shacking your desk or pushing it back. It may seem mean but he wants your attention and its actually very cute {this happened to me} )

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    Don’t wait for him forever, especially if he has a girlfriend or if he doesn’t like you. Find other nice boys. Talk to them. But still talk to him. Don’t ignore him just because he has a girlfriend. If you can prove to him your better than her you just might be able to split them up. If you like his girlfriend don’t be mean and try to break them up though. Although it is unlikely for you to like her since he is popular and is most likely dating a popular snob.

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    Flirt. For this step you must be a complete girly girl. Twirl your hair or braid it when your bored in class. Be showy with clothes but not too showy. Just enough to let him wonder but just enough to not let him know. Wear semi low cute tops and longish skirts or dresses. Holes in jeans are especially good if your school allows them. Skipping in gym class or giggling are very common flirting techniques. Bat your eyelashes if they are long enough for it to work. Smile and wave to him alot but not to much. Walk like you know where your going and who you are. Pretty much act like a sophisticated, girly, nice, princess.

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    Be Mysterious. Draw,seems weird right,wrong. If you draw he might get suspicious on what your drawing and ask to see it. Then take your paper back and keep drawing. Draw normal things, people, animals, flowers. Nothing to gothic, girly, or obsessive like hearts with his name. This is what he would expect and you want him to be mind blown when he see’s normal girl things. Also talk enough but only to your close friends and him. Get other friends and often whisper about things. Talk about the type of boys in gym while jogging with your friend as you jog past him. Or about a dream you had with a cute boy in it while climbing the stairs with your friends when he’s in front. Make sure to talk about boys he does not know such as your next door neighbor who doesn’t go to your school. Be mysterious by saying you like this guy or using the words him or he when talking to your friends when hes around. Also shoot small smiles, play with your hair or ear alot ( these are signs you are nervous and he may think its cute and shy), and move swiftly when walking by him like you are an unknown god.

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    Be A Show Off. But only a little bit. Jog past him while jogging to show him how fast you are. Make sure to try your best in gym while shooting a three pointer (remember the helping tip, you can ask him to use his ball) . Show him your skills on the computer while in a group. Just be yourself and don’t push yourself in things you are not skilled in.

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    Be Healthy. Do normal things. Shower every night and wash your hair every other night. Wear deodorant every day. Shave your legs every three days and armpits every two. Try to stay healthy but if you do get sick for a long period of time, do not post it on facebook. Make him wonder if your ok or see if he notices when you get back. If he doesn’t do not fret its obvious who knew you were most likely sick and decided not to worry or embarrass himself by freaking out when you came back. Wear perfume, not alot one spritz in the air and walking under it will work. Do not wear super strong perfume. Vanillas and florals smell the best and often attract guys the most. Brush your teeth every morning and every night. One so your teeth and sparkly and healthy for the dentist and two so when you talk to him you don’t make him run for the hills. Do not wear jeans/shorts more than twice before washing and if you do make sure to separate the times you wear them so you don’t look like you only own one pair of jeans/shorts. Only wear shirts once before washing , because of this make sure to stock up on long and short sleeve shirts.Keep your nails clean and dirt free and also cut so you don’t scratch people. Try not to get hurt frequently because this will make you have bumps and cuts all over you which is not attractive. Wash your face every night. Use face alcohol and stridex pad to get rid of pimples. If you have it use pro active or any other type of pimple remover. If you have pimples on your arms or back ask your doctor and she will give you cream to clear it, same with embarrassing rashes. If you have a birth mark you dont like cover it with makeup.

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    Internet. Make sure to add him on Facebook, follow on Twitter, ect. Don’t stalk his page. Like some of his photos and his funny status but other than that don’t go overboard. Say happy birthday with a smiley on his birthday it will let him know you care. Make sure to look your best in all your photos so he doesn’t see you when you look terrible. If a friend tags you in a bad photo untag it, simple as that.


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