»Rohtak Girls Shame or Fame?

We all have already heard the stories of “bravery”(or, not) of the two Rohtak girls. But new reports claim that their so called “bravery” is nothing but absolutely bogus. Passengers are also saying the same. Many questions and funny facts are there to arise questions about their “beating up the boys”. Let’s count the facts in scientific  manner –


  • Funny thing is that one of the two girls claim that she has been harassed by 2000 boys till now.She is 19 and if we calculate that she has been harassed by 1 boy/1 day, she should have been getting harassed from the age of 13.5 years and the funny thing is that she didn’t ever file a complaint. Moreover she said that she beat the boys whenever possible.I ask, where are the previous videos lol?




  • Where is the person who shot the  videos? She/He knew that “the Rohtak girls” was gonna beat up their molesters and therefore he/she was ready at that particular places with the camera to shoot the incident? You gotta be phcuking kidding me.




  • The “Rohtak Girls” claimed that the boys misbehaved with them.Now let’s see what the witnesses are saying –

    One woman named Bimla, a resident of Sonepat district, said that she asked Kuldeep, one of the “molester” to buy a ticket for an ill woman who was with her. She in her affidavit said that the two girls were already sitting on seat No. 8 which was allotted to the ill woman, Kuldeep then requested the girls to vacate the seat for the sick-ill woman and even showed the ticket to them but the girls became abusive.When police came, they accused two other men – Mohit and Deepak, despite the fact that they had nothing to do with the incident.”

    What did you get “Rohtak Girls” by doing this all sh*t “bravery” thing? All this for money and fame? You two just lowered the heads of those girls who actually protested and stood up against their molesters. Boys please be careful about getting involved in such fake “molestation” cases.



Bus Case Video Link – Youtube Link

Park Case Video Link – Youtube Link

After reading this whole truth, let us know your views in comments below. Specially girls, we’re eager to know your views on those two girls.


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