» WhatsApp – Abhi To Band Bajna Suru Hua Hai

1.R.I.P Relationships

With Every New WhatsApp Update,relationships are becoming more and more vulnerable. So we can say that somewhere between ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Blue Ticks’, WhatsApp ruined our relationships.

2.Hey,You Can’t Ignore Me Anymore

So WhatsApp now shows ‘Blue Ticks’ when someone read your messages.Now one moment of silence for those people who used to ignore others by switching off their ‘Last Seen’ .

3.Friendships Are Going To Be Ruined

You didn’t reply to your friend even after seeing his message because you were busy replying your girlfriend.Reply him or start finding a new shoulder to cry on after your girlfriend becomes your ex. :v


4.Still Ignoring You

Whichever colour the WhatsApp ticks are and how many ever they are,wouldn’t change the fact that she still won’t respond to your messages.Bwahahahaha….4

5.Messages From Your Office

So you used to hide your ‘Last Seen’ and check WhatsApp whenever you saw WhatsApp notifications from your boss.Hahaha..You can’t do that now unless you are planning to permanently quit WhatsApp or your job.


6.Mom’s Text

Your mom is not home.You’re chating with your friends on WhatsApp and suddenly a message comes from your mom,stating ‘Khana Khaya Beta?’.Well now you can’t say that you didn’t look the message.You’ve only one option – reply her or get prepared for her scolding once she gets home.

7.Wife’s Warning

You’re having fun with your friends after a long time.Suddenly your wife messages you to come home early.You don’t wanna go but you can’t ignore her saying “I didn’t see your message darling”.Reply and go home quickly or..you know the rest,right?6

8.I Use WhatsApp,Not FB messenger.

FB messenger tells when you saw someone’s message.You started using WhatsApp to avoid that.But now you’re screwed up here as well.screwed

9.Frustration,Frustration And Frustration Only

It’s midnight and you’ve sent a dirty message to your gf.You are seeing blue ticks which means she read the message.But she’s not replying.So your frustration level is very high.Relax,she may have fallen asleep but the chances of falling asleep is almost 0%.So,next time you meet her,better get your helmet on.9

 10.Block List

You’ve an ego problem.Even after seeing the message,you don’t reply whenever you don’t like to reply even if the sender needs your help.I’ve a bad news for you.You’re going to be on lots of people’s blocked-list.


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