» 8 Back to The Future Predictions About 2015 That Really Came True!

Earlier today it occurred to me to randomly Google “what people looked like 100 years ago” (don’t ask) and one of the search result that came up was this post by wired.com on “How People 100 Years Ago Thought We’d Be Living Today“. Which, as you can image, is heaps more interesting! 100 years ago they genuinely believed there would be flying taxis, visual long-distance communication and people taking vacays on the moon; and all (funnily enough) in full Victorian garb according to these sketches 🙂

photo courtesy: wired.com

BUT what is perhaps even more interesting is to see how Hollywood predicted we’d be living in 2015 and how right (or wrong they were.) In part two of the 1985 saga, Michael J. Fox‘s characterMarty McFly was sent 30 years into the future and this what he thought he’d find there; flat screen TVs, some sort of “Skype” and 3D holograms… sound familiar? 🙂 So I thought you might like to see the whole list. Since as you know, we are now technically living in the future!

Warning: this list is going to make you want to re-watch the whole Back to the Future series, pronto. Enjoy!

1. 3D Everything!

Remember that Jaws scene? Wikipedia defines “3D” as “three-dimensional space, the physical universe” sounds very Interstellar doesn’t it? 🙂 Btw, did you notice the marquee says Jaws 19?! Thank god that part didn’t come true.

3D shark

2. Wireless Gaming.

XBox Kinect, Nintendo Wii – we’ve got it all! (Remember my Wii obsession?) Psst, did you notice baby Elijah Wood in this scene? Utter cuteness! *Awww*

video game

3. Video Chatting.

In fact we’ve had this technology since back in 2003.

video chatting

4. Flatscreen & Multichannel Viewing

Can’t imagine life without them can you? Can you believe wall-mounted, large screen plasma and LED screens are only 10 years old?!

flat screen TV

5. Video Glasses.

Google glass. Need I say more?

video glasses

6. iPredictions.

Just how DID Robert Zemeckis know we’d have iPads by now?!


7. Biometrics!

A drunk mummy McFly gets a police escort home that lets her in with the help of her thumbprint and Biff pays for his cab by thumb too!

thumb print

8. Smart Clothing

I’ll be the first to admit I had one of those hyper color tie-dye tees and still find T-Qualizer LED tees super cool. Now all I’m waiting on are those self-lacing sneakers Marty had!

smart shoes

Obviously flying cars and actually travelling back and forth through the past and future is still on the list but I’m sure we’ll get there, don’t you? What was your favourite BTF scene/prediction for the year 2015? Leave me a comment below!


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