» How to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy


Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 1.jpg

  1. Give attention. Lots of it. If you give a girl attention (the kind of attention she wants) she’ll almost certainly start liking you. Whether the attention is poking fun, saying hello, or even teasingly throwing rocks, it usually seems to work.  Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 2.jpg
  2. 2

    Be clean. They understand that if you were just doing some brutal, physical workout, you may have a reason to smell a bit strong, but you should never have a truly offensive odor. It’s really a turn-off if some smelly guy starts flirting with you. On the other hand, it’s never a good idea to be a neat-freak. A bit of rumpled hair or a half-tucked shirt is fine.

  3. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 3.jpg

    Groom yourself. As long as you look presentable, it’s fine. Don’t obsessively flick your hair out of your face or check your reflection in a mirror, girls don’t really like that. Oh yeah, and don’t think it’s cool to take your shirt off, most girls actually find that gross. Some do like it though and you can tell they do if they want you to go swimming with them. If they avoid looking at you with your shirt off, though, put it back on! You’re creeping them out!

  4. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 4.jpg

    Do sports. Lots of girls do like the athletic type (Try the tougher sports like football, wrestling, or martial arts). But as long as you’re okay in sports, it’s usually okay, you don’t have to be a complete jock. Sometimes if you’re too athletic, girls will think that you want them to be athletic too, and they may not want to be. But that’s only some girls’ opinions.

  1. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 5.jpg

    Be a little smart. You should also graduate high school and at least go to college. If you are smart, you’ll probably want the smart type of girls, which are usually after smart boys. You don’t have to be super smart, just get decent grades or a decent job.

  2. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 6.jpg

    Touch. Some girls like to be touched. You can tell if they do by touching their hand lightly. If they pull away, don’t try again, at least not for a long time. If they tense up, they’re not ready. If they touch you back or look pleased, you know they’re liking it.

  3. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 7.jpg

    Be nice. Not a lot of girls like the “bad guy” type. If they seem like a “bad girl”, they usually like that type. If they aren’t, they’re probably after a “nice guy”. But don’t be a goody-two-shoes. Girls don’t like to be told they’re wrong unless it’s necessary.

  4. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 8.jpg

    Communicate lots. Girls like it when you say hi or ask how they’re doing. If they’re shy, they probably won’t ask back, but that’s just the way they are. Another way is to ask for their opinion on something. Some girls like to help out or just to know you value their opinion.

  5. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 9.jpg

    Be confident but not cocky. Girls hate cocky guys even if they are really good.

  6. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 10.jpg

    Have a good sense of humor. Girls like guys that are funny but don’t constantly joke around because she will think you’re annoying.

  7. Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy Step 11.jpg

    Don’t be a jerk. Do not bully other kids to impress a girl, even if she seems like a bad girl type. A little friendly teasing is ok but nothing more


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