Lamborghini Launches a New Mobile that will kill the iPhone!

Surprisingly, In New Delhi, Lamborghini is going to launch it’s new mobile phone! This

phone is going to be priced at $7000/Rs.4.5 lakhs! This new mobile phone is going to be a luxury phone for the cream-de-la-cream people and is supposedly launching the next year. The company will also notify the price by focusing on aesthetics, technology, personalised features and also that the product is desirable or not!lamborghini-cars-logo-emblemIf this wasn’t enough, the company would be wooing the richest and not value seeking Indian buyers, the costly mobile phone will arrive with a new iPhone, which will surprise the owner when it reaches their home!byod-iphone-5c-blue-380x380

The company is marketing, selling the newly upcoming Lamborghini phone! Deepak Kumar says: “We’ll give them an iPhone just to play with,” he is the MD of Luxury Quotient India, which is going to launch the revolutionary 200gram Android dual-SIM phone with costly and precious leather back and rose-gold plating.

Would you prefer Lamborghini over iPhone. Let us know your views in comment section below


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