Yeh Jo Desh Hai (Cover) – Jagan Sam Ft. Vani Rao Must watch this awesome song

Republic day special..

This project was made in 2 days altogether…

Hope you like our cover of “Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera” from the movie Swades..!
Had a lot of fun making this video with some members of Zakhm..

Vocals Performed by :- Jagan Sam and Vani Rao..
Guitars :- Avinash Gautam And Sanidhya Bhave..
Bass :- Harshit Sharma..
Drummer :- Kunal Agrawal..
Piano, MIDI instruments and Tabla :- Manohar Rao..

Audio Recorded , Mixed and mastered by :- Manohar Rao
Do share and hit thumbs up if you like it…

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