10 Things You Should Never Do/Say To A Girl

Now-a-days, girls and boys are getting more frank with each other and there is nothing wrong in it too. But still, there are some limits which need to be obtained by boys and some questions or statements which should not be made by them to a girl. But boys will be boys and this is what makes them stuck often in a tight spot or troublesome state. Below are 10 things a boy should never say to or discuss with a girl if he wants to keep up a long and sound relationship with her.

1. Never ask her age!


2. Dare not say that she is not looking pretty in the new dress she bought.


3. You are ugly and fat.


4. Never send her adult messages or talk to her in such tone until you both are really frank to that extent.


5. You spend a lot on shopping.


6. Never ever, even by mistake, discuss about her menstrual cycle.


7. Don’t praise any other girl before her, especially when she possesses a strong liking for you.


8. Don’t talk to her about the beauty treatment she takes in a parlor. More importantly, never point out any mistakes in that.


9. Never ask about her weight. It makes girls feel conscious and awkward.


10. If you both are in a relationship, never discuss about your or her Ex.



In case you have hurt any girl by asking some stupid question, then click here and make her happy by giving a decent gift.



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