EXTREMELY SHOCKING: New iPhone 6 He Bought 2 Days Ago Heated Up And Exploded During A Call


The shocking news comes from Gurgaon where a man has logded the complaint that the new iPhone 6 he bought just two days ago heated and blew up when he was talking to someone over the phone. Luckily, he did not get any injury in view of the fact that he used hands-free mode.

It’s really surprising as well as first case of its type, at least in India, from the time when iPhone 6 was launched, i.e., October 2014. As per a firm spokesperson, the organization was investigating the dreadful happening occurred in Gurgaon. The spokesperson added that there was no such complaint made in past regarding iPhone 6 in India.

However, it isn’t like that such case or incident never happened. As reported by US media, in Long Island, a guy made a complaint of his iPhone 6 being on fire when it was in the pocket of the man and he was severely injured with third degree burns.

The happening in Gurgaon took place on 20th June; however, it got revealed on Tuesday when Kishan Yadav, the iPhone 6 user, lodged the FIR.


According to Kishan, he purchased the phone at a price of Rs. 60K from one of the topmost mobile stores on 18thJune. It was 64GB version, grey in color.

As stated by the user, he had been in his car and was having a conversation with his friend over the phone. Kishan was going for meeting his friend and just at that moment, he observed that his iPhone is sparking. In no time, he threw it away after discovering that the phone was heating up. The moment it was out of his car, it exploded.

To quote his words in this connection, “My face could have got burn as the phone exploded in a matter of seconds. When I threw the phone, the call was on and the battery was around 70%.”

It was on Monday that he went to the store from where he purchased the handset. The storekeeper asked him to head to the service centre of the company. There staff asked him to deposit that burnt handset and he would up updated shortly about his phone. Nevertheless, the user registered an FIR later on.

Isn’t it really very shocking? Previously there had been cases of Nokia handsets bursting in people’s pockets and now iPhone… Is it really acceptable on the part of the user who buys such phones by paying out a huge sum of cash from their pockets? Who should be held responsible or be blamed for this? Share your views regarding the article in the comments section below!


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