15 Cocky Clothing Tags That Have A Better Sense Of Humour Than Sajid Khan

Remember how you always check the tags before trying out a new shirt/trousers/jeans/underwear? Those tags, giving you a step by step info of how to wash that piece of cloth you’re inspecting. Honestly speaking, they’re nothing more than an irritant. Scratching against your skin, always making you feel itchy!

But then there are tags out there that have all the wisdom in the world imprinted on them. Like the ones featured here. Check ’em out. We guarantee, you’ll be a wiser person by the end of this post.


1. Come on! Be a sport!

Source: Izilol


2. I’d rather be a first rate version of myself.

Source: Designbump


3. Finally! Something for the global citizens.

Source: Funtime


4. Burn!

Source: Lifebuzz


5. Because mommy knows best.

Source: Toy town Germany


6. Fair enough.

Source: Abadiguard


7. Make up your mind, people!



8. Because Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Source: Keep busy


9. Forget those fancy deodorants. This is the real shiz!

Source: Morefm


10. Because truth hurts!



11. Congratulations, Sherlock!

Source: Gallery hip


12. Don’t you dare wash it when it’s clean!



13. The pros and cons of it.



14. Keep that dad bod of yours under wraps.

Source: Angie Charnes


15. Don’t be a fool, take care of your tool.

Source: World Truth


Don’t ignore a tag the next time you pick up that shirt. You might find Confucius talking to you via one of those tags.



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