The Internet Has A Step By Step Guide To Find A Millionaire Husband & It Will Make Your Blood Boil

Women, I say let’s stop fighting it, let’s throw in the towel; screw Steinem, and Angelou too while you’re at it. Frida, Tina, Mindy and Malala, delusional women trying to make a point, set an example, and remain relevant against staggering odds.





Over the years discussions about sexism have wormed their way into the living room, women’s issues have become pressing debates, and the portrayal of women in the media has been questioned. But sometimes the fight to increase the scope of our impact as entrepreneurs, policy makers, and catalysts of change receive a blow like this obnoxious advertisement inviting women to prepare for marriage in 10 weeks with The Bridessential Course.



Source: Reddit


Dig some more and you’ll find more sparkling opportunities for women like this one in Beijing at the Moral Education Center for Women, the school teaches Chinese women how to find and marry rich husbands, offering lessons in how to apply makeup and how to spot a liar.



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And of course this WikiHow that beats up your self-respect like it was a Mexican pinata.


Some sorry soul has spent time and pathetic energy constructing a science around this phenomenon. So we present to you for your vicarious entertainment or valuable information, without judgement or malice…


How to snag a millionaire or die trying.


The page breaks up the manipulation into 4 parts:

1. Becoming desirable


Don’t be a silicon augmented cliche, they warn. Instead they advise you to take care of yourself, get cultured, pick up hobbies (cooking is a sure-shot winner, and if you can do it like his mother does then you’re sailing through this one)’ And oh, the stinging irony of it all – respect yourself. Men are intelligent and we must keep it interesting for them, so get educated, but don’t go and get too smart to handle.



2. Finding your man


If WikiHow is right, women, we got to catch them young. Find out where all the rich kids hang out – upscale bars, auctions, charity balls. And they even throw statistics for credibility. Errm. Did you know that about 22% of married couples met their spouse through work? And don’t just manipulate your way to a potential spouse, but also rich friends who could lead you to them.




3. Landing your man


Now that you’ve unlocked level find your man, you got to land him. He needn’t know that you’re out to bang him for his buck. That’s not ladylike at all. Oh, also, don’t ‘bang him’, there’s no class in that.


Be a great date – fun and effervescent and lavish nauseating love and attention so that he needs you. But not too much, because (you may want to sit down for this), ‘Why should they marry you if having you as a girlfriend or mistress gets them what they want?’




4. Other Considerations


Rule out the chance of making it on your own, it’s just too hard they say. Evaluate your looks and brains, don’t talk about money, and be a lady. Don’t fucking swear or laugh too loudly, or wear flashy clothes which loosely translates to don’t look like a tart.




So there you go, that’s how you nail a millionaire and earn his million bucks, and before you know it he’ll be wrapped around your ring finger. And now please excuse me while I go and scrape the bottom of the pit that women have been dumped into.

‘On Air With AIB’ Tries To Do A John Oliver And Nearly Succeeds

It wouldn’t be AIB, if they weren’t mocking our culture and political institutions. It wouldn’t be AIB, if they didn’t have you in splits. It wouldn’t be AIB, if you didn’t want to be one of the first guys to watch it and tweet about it.

AIB – All India Bakchod – quickly built up that level of cultural cachet on the web. It made you want to be the first to watch their shows. To watch them, in a certain perverted sense, was to be cool.



So when it was announced that they would be making the transition to TV, the excitement on the web was palpable. Could they bring that same level of madness to the slightly larger screens as well? Could get an even larger audience and roast them?

If that is what you were expecting, then the first episode of On Air With AIB was a bit of a disappointment. This wasn’t AIB as we know it; it wasn’t no-holds barred; it wasn’t mad but still it just might be what the country needs – something that will allow us to simply laugh things off and yet, at the same time, give it some serious thought.

Their tagline was ‘Tragedy main comedy’ and there are enough of both in India. But there are not enough who try and make sense of both these varied topics. AIB is clearly attempting to own the news comedy space – that perhaps first saw Shekhar Suman achieve small screen stardom throughMovers and Shakers (remember it was a complete rip-off of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show). Their first episode was titled Zabaan Sambhal Ke and focused around corruption and the Whistleblowers Act.

Source: OneLawStreet


And they started it off with a killer line: “You remember corruption… it was the thing that you cared about before beef.”

AIB’s ability to turn boring phenomena into viral beasts is proven. But can they also – like John Oliver – cause ripple effects in the real world? One mentions John Oliver simply because this show seems to borrow a lot from that format.

Very little on TV is cut entirely from new cloth. One might find an antecedent for Last Week Tonight inThat Was the Week That Was, the satirical half-hour program hosted by David Frost in the 1960s, first on the BBC and subsequently on NBC. But at the end of the day, what sets it apart is how you manage to make it relevant to your target audience – which in this case is Indians.



The show draws people in with the promise of laughter, but sends them back out to the world a little wiser. Simply put, it’s like trying to teach something to a child – make it seem like a game and they’ll pick up it up in an instant. Tell them, it’s serious stuff and good luck with that.

TV news has always been ripe for satire and Indian politicians are a parody of sorts and this is right down the AIB alley.

They tackled the Whistleblower Act’s ironical need to know the identity of the whistleblower with a classy touch (expect Chandrachur Singh everyone else would have loved it): “Anonymity is one of the most crucial aspects of being a whistleblower. If you take that away, it’s like there is nothing, it’s like taking Maachis away from Chandrachur Singh.

Source: YouTube


“Abroad whistleblowers are like Voldemort, you are literally not allowed to say their name. But in India, they are like Rahul.. ‘Naam to suna hoga’.”

There were these and many other puns throughout the show. Khamba and Bhat did the Hindi version and seemed to struggle a bit at times. But it was Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya’s English version that just seemed more natural and fun. If you want to pick one, then you know which one to go for.

Their humour pedigree has been earned in front of the hardest audience possible – the netizens. Getting people to watch something on the net is difficult; getting them to keep coming back is a rare art. AIB clearly mastered their art and which is why one wouldn’t put it beyond them to step up it here as well.

Source: MakeMeFeed


As things stand, there seems to be too much chatter. Also, you got the feeling that even if you missed a few minutes you would be fine. But this is a work in progress.

For the time being, it’s a good start and nothing more. They are probably still exploring the limits of what they can and cannot do. And in that promise, lie a few more sarcastic laughs. So here’s hoping to their success.


Net se Ghar Baithe Paisa Kamane ka Sabse Aasan Tarika in Hindi

Hello Friend, Aap ye to jaante hi hoge Internet ka istmaal kitna badta ja raha hai, aaj kal har kaam Internet se hoja hai. Mobile Net se recharge ho jata hai, Online ham Shopping kar sakte hai, Online Result dekh sate hai, or bhi Bhut Kuch..

Net se Ghar Baithe Paisa Kamane ka Sabse Aasan Tarika in Hindi me puri jaankari

Internet ka jis trha se istmaal badta jaa raha hai agar aesa hi raha to thode time baad sare kaam Internet ki hi madad se hoge. Q ki Internet har chij ko aasani se kr sakte hai. Online Paise kamane ke option bhi badte jaa rahe hai . Ham Internet ki Madad se Ghar Baithe Aasani se paise kama sakte hai.

Internet se paise kamane ke to bhut tarike hai par aaj me aapko 2 tariko ke bare me bataoga jinki madad se me paise kama raha hu or inme koi risk bhi nahi hai.

Kaise Net se Paisa kamaye usse phele

kuch comman sabaal hai unke jabab jaan lete hai

Que 1. Kya Net se paise kama sakte hai, isme koi risk to nahi?

Ans. Haa, Aap bilkul kama sakte hai aasani se. or agar risk ki baat kare to Internet par bhut si sites farji bhi hai jo aapke sath dhoka kar sakti hai, isliye aapko sabdhaan rahna hoga.

Que 2. Net se Paise Kamane ke liye koi Degree ki jarurat padti hai?

Ans. Net se paise kamane ke liye koi Degree ki Jarurat nahi padti, Par haa Aap net se jabhi paise kama sakte ho jab aapka Interest(lagav). Maan lijiye aapko Khana banane me interest hai to aap uski website banakar apni recipes ko uspar daal sakte hai.

Que 3. Net se kitne Paise kama sakte hai?

Ans. Net se kitne paise kama sakte hai ye sabaal mujse mera har milne wala puchta hai, mumkin hai aapka bhi ye sabaal ho. iska sidha Jabaab hai – Koi Limit nahi hai Internet se Paisa kamane ki. Iska karan ye hai ki ye koi Job nahi ye ek Business hai jisme aap lakho-croro bhi kama sakte ho ya fir ho sakta hai kuch bhi naa kamao. par yaha par faida ye hai ki aapko koi ghata nahi hoga or kuch na kuch naya sikhne ho hi milega.

Que 4. Kya Mobile ki madad se paise kamaya ja sakta hai ya Computer bhi jaruri hai ?

Ans. Ye Sabaal bhi mujse sabse jada baar pucha jata hai, me iska jaabab de-de kar thak chuka hu. Par isme Puchne wale ki bhi koi galti nahi hai, Q ki uske pass sirf Mobile hota hai. Mobile se paise kamaye ja sakte hai par mahine bhar me sirf itne ki aapka Mobile ka kharcha nikal sake bo bhi badi mhanat karke, Matlab Simple sabdo me kahu to aapko Computer ki Jarurat padegi hi. Agar Aapke Pass Computer nahi hai to niras hone ki jarurat nahi hai Aap Net Cafe(इंटरनेट कैफे) par jaa kar apna kaam kar sakte ho.

Mere Ek Friend ki Sachi Khani – Mera ek dost hai jiske pass Computer nahi tha or uske ghar ki bhi condition aesi nahi thi ki wo Computer or Net Connection le sake to usme Net Cafe par apni pheli website banai thi, or wo itnii jada chalne lagi ki ek compay ne usko kaha ki bo unki ek website banaye, par jab usne company ko mana karte huee kaha ki wo nahi bana sakta Q ki usko pass computer nahi hai to company ne usko Paise ke sah ek Laptop Gift diya site Banbane ke liye. Isse ye sabit hota hai ki agar aapke andar koi bhi talent hai to aapko koi nahi rok sakta.

👉Android Mobile Me Free Recharge Kaise Kamate hai Janne ke liye Click kare

Internet se Paisa Kamane ki Surubaad kaha se kare

Internet se Paise Kamane ke bhut tarike hai, Par Me Aapko Mere ManPasand 2 tariko ke bare me aapko bataoga jinse me kama raha hu or uske bare me mene bhut si detail Post bhi Dali hai apni site par.

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube

Internet se Ham jab hi paisa kama sakte hai, jab ham apni pasand ka kaam kare, Q ki agar aapka interest nahi hai to aap us kaam ko sahi se nahi kar paoge is karan aap usme success nahi ho sakte.

Sabse phela kaam hai apna Interest Dekhe kis chij me sabse jada hai or aapko kya pasand hai. Jese me kuch topics aapko batata hu –

  • Khana banana
  • Comedy
  • Singing/Acting
  • Technology
  • Tip and Tricks
  • Product ke Review
  • Story’s
  • Home Decoration
  • Sports
  • inke aalawa bhi orkoi pasand ho sakti hai aapki….

Aapna Interest Sabse Jada Kisme Hai Pata karne ke liye kya kare

Sabse phele apne Dimag par jor laga kar Soche ki aapko kis chij me sabse jada interest hai or aapko kya karna pasand hai bo dekhe. Har Insan ki Alag Alag pasand hoti hai. Ummid hai aapko bhi koi Topic mil jayega, kam se kam 3 topic select kare jinme aapko acha lagta hai or aap usi ke jariye Paise kamana chate ho.

Mera Internet me or Logo ki Help karne me Interest hai, to me Logo ki Internet par Help kar raha hu or uske jaruye paise bhi kama raha hu.

3 topics me se kisme sabse jada interest hai uska pata lagane ke liye – Ek Copy le or Apne Mobile me timer lagaye 10 minute ka or har topic par 10 minute tak kuch bhi likhe jo aapko uske bare me pata hai. jo bhi sabd aapke dimag me aaye us topic se related aap likhte jaye, 10 minute tak bilkul naa ruke or agar aesa hota hai ki aapke dimag me 10 minute ke phele hi naye sabd aana band ho jate hai to uska time note karle. Issi trha tino topics ka kare, fir jisme sabse jada or badiya aapne likha ho wo topic select kare apne liye.

To is trick ki madad se aap apna Interest jaan chuke ho. To Ab aap apni Website (Blog) bana sakte ho, Ya fir Aap Youtbe se bhi pais kama sakte ho.

1: Blogger se Paise Kaise Kamaye Ghar Baithe

Sabse Phele aapko Apna BLog banana hai, sabse saral or sabse best hai is kaam ke liye. Blog kaise banaye ye jaanne ke liiye yaha click kare.

Blog banane ke baad aapko uspar Badiya Post daalni hai Pheli Post kaise Dale uski Basic jaankari yaha hai. Post ko sahi tarike se Arrange kare.

Post me Apni Dusri Post ki Link or kam se kam ek Image jarur add kare. 1 Image 1000 sabd ke barabar hoti hai, to jaha par bhi Image ki jarurat ho jarur add kare.

Apne Blog ko badiya Design kare or usme ek badiya Template Upload kare, or Widgets bhi add kare.

Apne Blog ki Traffic badane ke liye Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Page banaye, or inka widget bhi apne blog par add kare. Aap jab bhi Post kare Social Sites par jarur Share Kare.

Blog SEO bhi jaruri hai Search me aane ke liye –

Ab Baat aati hai Paisa kaise kamate hai Blog se –

Aapne Apna Blog bhi bana liye or uspar badiya tarike se Post bhi Daaldi, Blog ko Badiya Design bhi kar diya. Blog par Visitor bhi badiya aa rahe hai. to ab aap paise kamane ke liye bilkul teyaar hai.

Blog se Paise kamane ka sabse badiya tarika hai Adsense, Par inke Niyaam bhut kadak hai or badi muskil se hamara account ispar approve hota hai. Pade – 11 tarike Adsense account ko Approve karbane ke. Adsense Approve hone ke baad aap uske ads code apne blog par laga kar paise kama sakte ho. Jese aap dekh sakte ho meri site par bhi lage huee hai.

Par Adsense Approve hona bada muskil hai or jarasi galti ki baja se Account approve nahi hota hai to aap Bidvertiser ka istmaal kar sakte hai. Bidvertiser me Adsense se thoda kam paise milta hai, par kuch nahi se to kam hi sahi :)

2: Youtube se Dollar kamao Ghar Bheate

Youtube ke bare me mene ek post me bataya hai kaise youtube se paise kamaye video bana kar. Youtube ek video sharing site hai jis par ham apne video ko upload karke duniya se share kar sakte hai or video par ads laga kar video se paise bhi kama sakte hai.

Youtube se Paise kamana Suru karne ke liye aapko Phele Youtube ko Adsense se connect karna padega kaise kare yaha pade.

👉Youtube par Video kaise Upload kare Computer se

👉Mobile se kaise Upload kare Video Youtube par

Inke Aalawa me aage or detail me bhut si jaankari share karne wala hu Youtube or Blogger ke bare me jisse aap inka istmaal aasani se kar sakte or jada se jada paise kama sakte.

HMH par Blogger or Youtube ki Puri Post pade.

Agar aapka koi Sabal hai to Comment me jarur puche or agar aapke pass koi Suggestion hai HMH ke liye to usko bhi jarur bataye, kaise HMH ko or badiya banaya ja sakte hai aap ke liye :)

These GIFs Perfectly Describe How Every Girl Feels While Taking Her Bra Off

October 13th is celebrated worldwide as the No Bra Day. After all, what’s a better way to celebrate your boobs than giving them a day full of freedom? So ladies, free your precious breasts for a full 24 hours and bask in the glorious comfort!

Here are 10 reasons why it’s awesome to celebrate this day –


1. When your boobies have been in the “Bra Jail” all day, it’s not a happy thought.

Source: YouTube


2. But when you can finally remove it at the end of they day, it’s utter bliss!



3. Bye bye bra! See you never!



4. When you want to explore the freedom going bra less offers you!



5. Unemployment suits boobs just fine!



6. It takes skill to be able to remove your bra from under your shirt. Lots of skill. And practice.



7. No Bra FTW!



8. There’s no greater happiness than to let your free boobies dance!



9. Because every woman will admit, bras are supportive but they hurt. And our beautiful breasts deserve some freedom.



10. And anyone who has a problem with this awesome #NoBraDay –


All giphs sourced from, unless stated otherwise. 

15 Absolutely Hilarious Flipkart Reviews. 9th Will Crack You Up

Flipkart is an amazing marketplace. But with amazingness, also comes hilarity. We bring you 15 Flipkart product reviews that are absolute works of creativity. These guys are geniuses.

It all started when Flipkart put up a pair of  Sennheiser headphones on their site. The Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones were listed for a whopping Rs. 84,000. And then people went berserk.

flipkart 0

1. “After selling my Mom’s jewelry and underwear…”


flipkart 1
flipkart 2.1

2, 3, & 4. “The only problem i faced was because of the 50 rupees delivery charge. I think they are asking for too much.”


flipkart 2

5 & 6. “Awesome product. Worth robbing a bank.”


flipkart 3

7. “Now whenever my parents shout at me, I put this great headphones and listen to Honey Singh songs.”


flipkart 5

8. “I sold my brand new WagonR just to buy this headphone.”


flipkart 7

9. “Jindagi Badal Gayi.”


flipkart 8

10. “Thank u Flipkart”


flipkart 16

11. “I got it by selling off my left kidney.”


flipkart 9

12. “I do Aarti all night with this headphone.” – Allegedly, Alok Nath


flipkart 10

13. And then the trolling shifted to a Zenith Men’s watch worth (wait for it) $78, 875 which came with a whopping 46% discount.


flipkart 12


flipkart 13

14. And the Logitech Tricolour Mouse wasn’t spared either.


flipkart 14

15. But this one takes the cake when it read “I couldn’t even hear my wife scream her lungs out…”


flipkart 4

22 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life & How To Do Them Right

Life has made us quick learners. But sometimes, we tend to learn the wrong things as accepted practice. You’ll be surprised to know that several of the things that you do on a daily basis, like eating a burger, are not being done right. Here are some of the things that you might have been doing wrong all your life and the right way to do them :


1. Bobby pins should be worn with the wavy side facing down.

Source : Yummy Mummy Club 


2. Slicing watermelons is not the best idea. They should be cut crosswise instead.

Source : Lifecheating


3. Though it hurts me to say this, but this is the right way of eating cupcakes:

Source : Pinterest


4. A glass of wine needs to be held by pinching the stem with your forefinger and thumb. Not by wrapping your hand around it.

Source : Wine guide Australia 


5. Earphones should be worn by coiling them over the ear.

Source : YT img


6. A pen should never be held from the top or gripped too tight.

Source : Gear Diary


7. A pizza should always be held by folding it a little to make a U-shape so as to prevent it from flopping over.

Source : Wired


8. An apple should be eaten top to bottom not by biting into its side.

Source : Jooliti


9. To get the best out of chicken wings, pull off the cartilage on the wider end and get rid of the bones instead of just nibbling meat off the bones.

Source : Minq


10. The right way to enjoy your burger is to place your thumb and little finger at the bottom of the burger and support the top with the other three fingers.

Source : Foodbeast


11. The right way to hull strawberries is to use a straw.

Source : Cloudfront


12. The right way to chop mangoes is to cut in cubes before peeling them.

Source : Pinterest


13. While doing push-ups, the body should be kept straight and pressure should be exerted upon the abs and arms.

Source : Crossfit South Bay


14. While doing squats, you need to bend until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Source : FitLife


15. Moisturiser is not supposed to be rubbed into your skin but just slightly tapped.

Source : Shady Media


16. While tying your shoelaces, the bow must rest horizontally, else you risk them getting untied quickly.

Source :  Global logic


17. Potatoes can be peeled without a peeler. Simply dunk them in boiling water until tender, then in ice cold water and pull the skin away.

Source : Daily Mail 


18. Folding your trousers? Don’t spoil the crease by following these steps:

Source : Pinterest


19. The right way to make a BLT is to make a lattice with the bacon strips instead of just spreading them over the bed.

Source : Gawker assets


20. Random strokes of nail paint is not how you get perfectly groomed nails. You need to follow the following directions :

Source : Pinterest


21. You should never try to clean a blender by scrubbing it. Instead just add some dishwashing liquid and water, and blend it.

Source : PInterest 


22. The best way to reseal a plastic bag (if you can’t master the origami fold) is to use a disposable bottle.

Source :Pinterest

Surprised? I was!