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She is natural on-screen, effortlessly slips into her characters, humble in real life and stole our hearts with her portrayal of ‘Tanya’ in the TVF series Permanent Roommates. Nidhi Singh talks to Indian Ad Divas about her forever dream of being in the acting field, life so far and how her city (Allahabad) is the biggest motivation


How did your foray into the acting/modelling happen?

As a teenager, every time I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would always change but acting was one thing I’d come back to again and again in my head. Although, I never said it out loud to anyone till I was about 16. My father is a doctor and mum is a teacher and my older brother is a qualified engineer; so being an actor didn’t seem very practical to me. I’d always day-dream about it and pretend like I am one. Haha! It was a ‘weird child’ alert. I loved literature and I am so glad that I got to study Shakespeare in school; I’d recite speeches running around in my lawn, without any reason.

Although I was a hopeless student, I did always ace the extracurricular a bit more than anything else in school so I think my family can now join the dots. My teachers loved me but always worried about me (big smiles). The question about college started popping up and that’s when I broke it to my parents. They did freak out a little bit especially because I was a science student and they probably didn’t see it coming, but they were very calm about it. I was told “finish your graduation first and then we’ll see.” So I chose to do BMM, got an admission in St. Andrew’s college in Mumbai and specialised in advertising. I could not jump into acting straight away because firstly, I had no clue how and secondly, I had to sustain myself. I got lucky and worked an advertising agency called JWT, Mumbai. Considering JWT is one of the finest agencies, it was a minefield of exploding talent and their work was extremely exciting, I was absolutely smitten with the charm of the advertising world. More often than not, my mind would stray into wanting to be in front of the camera but I’d think I am being stupid since I didn’t feel I was good enough to be there.

During this time I got a chance to meet Shernaz Patel while she was shooting for an ad with JWT. She is someone I have admired all my life and it’s my good fortune that she turned out to be extremely friendly, funny and insightful. For some reason she had a sweet little chat with me and that kind of re-kindled my desire to be an actor. I didn’t quite understand what an epiphany meant till that moment.

After having worked for two something years in advertising, I quit JWT and started working as a freelance assistant director on ad films. Freelance work gave me the time to start doing part-time theater. I did this for about a year and a half, after which I decided to really give it my all and started pursuing acting full-time. After a few billion auditions, I landed my first gig which was a Minto gol commercial. I kept acting in plays and going for auditions and very slowly and steadily it all started rolling in a certain direction.


Which city are you from and what about the city do you carry with you?

I am from Allahabad and that city has given me the best childhood memories possible. It gave me my first taste of freedom, the belief that I can do anything, a child like amazement about the big outside world and very precious friendships. Those set of experiences are very close to my heart and I visit them very often, especially when I lack motivation.

Nidhi Singh and her story of making it into the showbiz industry

What kinds of roles do you dream of playing? Between Tanya of Permanent Roommates and the assistant girl in K.I.D. (TVF), what are you more partial towards?

There are so many but ‘Aileen from Monster’ and ‘Francesca from The Bridges of Madison county’, are two portrayals that have always been on my bucket list. I like being goofy and making people laugh but most definitely Tanya.


Would you settle for a guy like Mikesh in real life?

Mikesh is adorable and perfect but I am not Tanya so I don’t know. I am very moody. Haha
Heart to heart with Nidhi Singh

When and how did the collaboration with the TVF gang happen for you?

I think the first time they watched me performing was in a play. We did know each other from before but very briefly. Post that they called me in for a meeting and they asked me to do the spoof called “Emotional Attyacharge” and I readily agreed.


Any offers from Bollywood and other TV shows?

Nothing I can talk about as such yet.

People often wonder if you are married or not-would you like them to keep guessing or would you like to let your fans know?

I am not married. (smiles)


What can the viewers expect from the next season of Permanent Roommates?

Well I’d simply say – stay tuned. (big smile)

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These 11 Pictures Are The Most Awesome You Would Ever See For Fun At The Beach


Fun at the beach!! Doesn’t the phrase merely fill your senses with exhilaration and thrill? Indeed, it does and brings lots of joy to your sporty spirit which always seeks some kind of fun!! Mostly all of us have been to some beach at least once in the lifetime and thus know how exciting it is. Playing with waves, taking great pleasure in water activities, lying leisurely and taking sunbath, fun with family and lots more create ample enthusiasm just with a thought of a beach vacation. No matter whether you have ever had spent time at a beach or not, there would simply not be anyone who can’t feel the enjoyment that such a holiday would give.

This article presents you 11 pictures of fun at the beach which are really superb and deserve to be seen. Although all of them are not real, they will tickle your funny bones and I’m sure you’ll roll on the floor laughing catching a glimpse of them. Just take a look at these images and you’ll love them all as well as find the creativity of the artist irresistible.

Below are these excellently awesome pictures:























How did you find these pictures of fun at the beach? Simply brilliant, aren’t they? Which of these did you like the most? Have you seen any such mind-blowing image earlier? Or do you have any which is more interesting and entertaining than these? Share it with us! Also let us know what you think about this article in the comments section below!

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What? A Feather Less Chicken? You Won’t Believe This!


Naturally chickens have feathers but you won’t believe this bare-skinned bird, a ready to cook featherless chicken! The world’s first featherless chicken was created by an Israeli geneticist, Avigdor Cahanerat at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel in 2002. This ugly naked bird was originally created from a broiler (which are the big, meaty ones) with a species that has a featherless neck.

This project’s aim is to create a more ‘convenient’ and energy efficient chicken. Convinient in ways that you wont be bothering and spending so much time to take off those feathers in which we do in normal chickens. The bird can also live in warm countries where feathered chickens don’t do well, thus money can be saved from those expensive cooling systems.


Somehow some opposed this idea, saying that those changes will not benefit the animals, but in fact make their lives miserable. Males have been unable to mate because they cannot flap their wings for balance, also affecting the females, and because of being featherless, chickens are more prone to parasites, mosquito attacks, skin diseases, temperature variations and sunburn.Those against this tinkering say scientists should not decide by human ‘logic’ what a chicken needs and doesn’t need; they are born with their bodies, feathers and all, for reasons.

Joyce D’Silva of Compassion in World Farming said “The chicken is disgusting”. “It’s a prime example of sick science and the suggestion that it would be an improvement for developing countries is obscene. To create an animal solely for the convenience of an industry is sick. Chickens would never have ‘evolved’ to be like this without human interference, nor would one survive if it had been born like this ‘naturally, so how is this not “engineering”?”


Defending the new breed, Professor Cahaner said “This is not a genetically modified chicken – it comes from a natural breed whose characteristics have been known for 50 years. I am just transferring that to fast growing broiler chickens. It’s a normal chicken except for the fact it has no feathers.” Hoping that the new breed will grow faster because of the lessser need in energy when growing feathers, these will also cause the chicken to grow larger being perfect for livestock. So far the featherless chicken has not reached the large “broiler’ size.


Source: avaxnews | anomalies-unlimited

15 Notoriously Disgusting Foods In the Planet That Will Make Your Stomach Upside Down

The world is so big that we haven’t tasted every single food in this planet and one of the greatest thing in life is to explore other cultures and see how other people eat, but sometimes you need a strong stomach to deal with what you find.

If you’re a gag-seeker, food adventurer, or looking for new ethnic dish that goes well beyond the ordinary dinner party fare, here are some of the most unusual foods from around the globe.

Ooh I forgot to mention they are also the most notoriously disgusting food you can find.


1. Balut – This is a common street food in Southeast Asia, a developed duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in its egg. Looks gross but so tasty. Just don’t look at the fetus when eating it.


2. Deep Fried Breaded Rat – Love fried delicacies? Why don’t you try this deep fried battered rat?

battered rat

3. Fried Rat – Rats are considered a delicacy in Southeast Asia. In China, there are street vendors that sell the rodent deep fried on a stick.

fried rat

4.  Mice Fetuses on a Maple Frosted Donut – Apparently some Chinese eats this disgusting food (if that’s what you call it). I don’t know what it taste like and I wouldn’t want to know…

mice fetus

4. Cockroach Soup – If having a cockroach in your dish is a terrible experience, would you imagine eating these nasty creatures serve in your soup? Well guess what some Chinese eat them!

cockroah soap

5. Cow Lips – This one looks so frightening. Just look at those spikes! But, according to some they are delicious in tacos.

cow lips

6. Fried Tarantulas – Fried and crispy tarantulas are usually cooked in Cambodia. Markets and small local shops offer a treat for tourists. If you want to buy this crunchy snack, just ask one of the walking vendors.

fried tarantulaFried-tarantula

7. Haggis – A traditional Scottish dish made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. Sounds good but looks disgusting.


8. Larva of wood bloodworms – In Australia, great white larva of wood bloodworms is one of the main foods of natives. They can be eaten alive or fried if wanted. Locals says it taste like almonds. The good thing is larvae are an excellent protein source.


9. Ox Penis – In some parts of Asia Ox penis is serve in soups or can be eaten alone. Seems like your sucking some d*ck when eating this. LOL

ox penis 3ox penis

10. Rooster Testicles – If there’s a penis of course there are testicles. Rooster testicles doesn’t look that awful and some says it quiet delicious.

rooster testicles

11.  Rocky Mountain Oysters – Speaking of testicles, bull fries or bull testicles are being cooked traditionally in many countries. The recipe of the dish is simple and very interesting to execute. Such delicatessen for many people might sound crazy and even gross, but the dish is really exquisite.

bull 2

bull testicles

12. Casu Marzu “Rotten Cheese” –  A traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy. These cheeses are purposely prepared to become the natural breeding grounds for nests of maggots. This could be the most disgusting cheese in the world though one of the tastiest.

Rotten cheese 2rotten cheese

13. Bat Paste and Soup – Bats are part of the native cuisine in some parts of Thailand, China, Guam and more, but they are considered notorious disease carriers. In Thailand bats are cooked in boiling water or milk, added with Thai herbs and spices. Would you like to try this delicacy? I better skip it for now.

batsoup 2

14. Live Cobra – In the Vietnamese village of Le Mat near Hanoi, they will rip out a snake’s still-beating heart and serve it to you in a bowl. (Pictured here is cobra wine)

live cobra

15. Three Lizard Liquor – After having your unusual dinner why don’t you have a few shots of this “Three Lizard Liquor”? This fancy wine is predominantly found in Asia and is typically produced by infusing lizards (three to be precise) into rice wine. The traditional eastern medicine theory states that this allows the lizard’s energy to be absorbed by the alcohol and thus transferred to whoever drinks it.

lizard liqour

Bonus: Obnoxious Japanese Food – Uhmm would you eat those toppings?


H/T: ViralnovaCoolgallerypics | Danoah | io9 | Culinaryschools

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Photos: ‘Dainik Bhaskar Auto Expo Bhopal 2015’ features luxurious Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley cars & Harleydavidson Bikes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The biggest auto expo of central India ‘Dainik Bhaskar Auto Expo’ at dusshehra maidan in Bhopal. The cars displayed in the central gallery of expo remained the main attraction among the visitors. People also explored their favorite cars and its features. The visitors also enjoyed the bike stunt show and rock band show in the evening.
These are the main brands displayed in the auto expo
The auto expo  is featuring luxury brands like  Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley ,Mercedes, Volkswagen, Honda, Skoda, Reno, Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Toyota, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Mahindra, Chevrolet, Maruti and Tata. Also, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, Hero, TVS and Bajaj can be spotted among two wheelers. The main part of the expo is that it also has Tata’s commercial vehicles range and its stalls. There is an availability of on the spot finance scheme.