Abandoned Nazi concrete rings on Russian North

Abandoned Nazi Concrete Rings on Russian North


For more than 60 years these places, 170 kilometers to the North of Murmansk, were considered confidential. Nowadays a strict regime of access operates also.
These mysterious objects were built during World War II by the Germans. They are located near the village of Liinakhamari, in the Pechenga district, close to the Barents Sea. There are different stories about their purpose, one says that it is a platform for artillery guns, but they are aimed back from the Gulf, to where the Soviet warships could appear, another says that they are launching pads for the Wehrmacht’s unknown flying objects.

Two checkpoints on the way to Liinakhamari confirms the strict regime.

A strange and interesting statement of the Soviet era.

A house is located on the shore of the bay “Girl’s Backwater”, right at the exit of the Barents Sea.

The bay

The first ring is flooded by groundwater. It is strange because the ring is located above sea level.


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