This Restaurant Is a Killer, Would You Dare Eat and Die?

0The Vegas-based Heart Attack Grill is the most honest, unhealthy, American fast food hamburger restaurant located at Dallas, Texas. Dressed up as Doctors and nurses this hospital-themed restaurant serves high-calorie items with contoversial names. With the tag line of “Taste worth Dying For,” this over-the-top establishment has become famous for promoting an unhealthy diet of spectacular huge hamburgers and greasy fries. This restaurant aim is to literally let you know that what they serve really kills — so that maybe you’ll stop eating junk!


Owned by a former personal fitness trainer and nutritionist Jon Basso, Heart Attack Grill was established in 2005. This is a restaurant that clearly intends to kill you, and they are very forthcoming about it. Actually multiple customers have died at the grill, including two spokespeople, and a man who was wheeled away in a stretcher after trying to finish a burger. Does what they serve really kills? You’ll find out why!


Only for those avant-garde risk takers the “Heart Attack Grill” offers delicate menu. Around 230 to 910 g of beef, you can choose from “Single”, “Double”, “Triple”, and “Quadruple Bypass” hamburgers. With the record of the most caloric burger, the Quadruple Bypass Burger containing 9,982 calories has been identified as one of the “world’s worst junk foods”. It consists of four half-pound beef patties, twenty strips of bacon, eight slices of American cheese, a whole tomato, and half an onion served in a bun coated with lard. The menu also include a “Flatliner Fries” cooked in pure unadulterated lard, and “ButterFat Shake” with the world’s highest butter fat content. Ohhh that’s a hell of calories you’ll really die eating those junks!


Customers are referred to as “patients,” their orders are called “prescriptions,” and the scantily clad, cleavage-baring waitresses act as “nurses”. A tag is wrapped on the patient’s wrist showing which foods they order and a “doctor” examines the “patients” with a stethoscope.


Customers who weigh over 350 lb (160 kg) are served free food. Anyone who finish a Triple or Quadruple Bypass Burger are rewarded by wheeling them out of the restaurant in a wheelchair by their “personal nurse”.


According to Basso, he’s just trying to teach people a lesson about healthy eating in an industry averse to honestly.

“Do I want others to die at my restaurant? No. Actually I want to wake up one morning and open the door and have no one ever come in again, because maybe the world would have learned the truth,”. “Now, I make good money joking about how bad my food is. But at least I’m honest.” – he said.

“The end result of our eating habits is all around us,” “It’s an obesity epidemic that is killing the world.” – Jon added.



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